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I was taking IELTS for the first time and I required band 7 in all four components. I took the IELTS 7 course which was the right step because I got the desired results: Reading 9.0, Listening 7.5, Speaking 7.5, Writing 7.0, Overall band 8.0. I am really happy because I never thought I could achieve this in the first attempt.

Jabir, India

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January student of the month

Kanchan from Nepal achieved her IELTS goal last month by getting band 7 in Speaking and 7.5 overall!

Well done Kanchan!!


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Shelly - Japan

I received my first IELTS result and surprisingly I got my desired score. Although my listening was not as good as others, the other three competencies were all 7. Therefore, my overall was 7. I cannot believe this fact! Jenny, I was really happy to study with you through Skype. Your encouragement and advice were precious and boosted my confidence.  You made my happy friday!!

Shelly - Japan

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