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Winwin - iPass student of the month

WinWin joined iPass in August this year because she needed an overall band 6.5 in Academic IELTS in order to study for a BA in English with Psychology in Singapore.

She decided to join the 30-day IELTS Express course because she was planning to take her test in September and didn’t have very long to prepare.

5 weeks after signing up, WinWin wrote to us to say that she had got the scores she needed: Listening: 6; Reading: 7; Writing: 6; Speaking: 6; Overall: 6.5

She was able to go ahead with her university application and is now waiting to hear if she has been accepted.

We really hope that she will be so that she can go even further and fulfil her ultimate dream of studying for a master’s degree in the UK or US.


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​For my UK midwifery registration I had to get an overall score of 7 with all sub scores at least 7. I took the test twice and on both times received 6.5 in writing while all the other scores were over 7. I heard of iPassIELTS and took their writing course. With Nigel and Jenny’s help I was able to improve my writing score to 7! Now I can complete my registration for the NMC.

I’m thankful for the help I received. Without it I would still be struggling with the writing tasks. The feedback definitely helped as I was able to fix the mistakes I continuously made every time.

I definitely recommend iPass IELTS to everyone needing to improve their scores.


- Laura - Finland

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