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I found the IELTS Lite course very useful and well structured. In particular, it helps students to understand the IELTS exam, its structure and what the examiner really wants from you. The result was excellent: 7 in speaking, writing and listening; 8.5 in reading and 7.5 overall!

Sofia - Italy

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How long is the course? 45 days 30 days 60 days
How many hours are required to complete the course? 25 hours 20 hours 30 hours
How much does the course cost? €65 €95 €80
What level of English do I need? B2 B2 B1
Will I have a personal tutor? YES YES YES
How many skype sessions will I get? 2 4 3
How many writing assessments will I get 4 6 6
Does it include lessons in all 4 skills? YES NO YES
Do I have to attend scheduled lessons? NO NO NO
How many reading tests does it include? 8 12 6
How many listening tests does it include? 4 6 3
Can I access the full IELTS toolbox? YES YES YES

You can sign up for each module separately, or you can save money when you buy 2 or 3 modules together as a package

I got overall 8.0 band after joining the IELTS Lite course. I would like to express my gratitude to my tutor for his guidance and support in both writing and speaking tasks. His feedback through Skype made this success, especially in my weak areas of speaking which I improved by a complete band from 6.5 to 7.5!

Aruna - Singapore

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Anssi - Finland

​After taking the IELTS writing course, I managed to enhance my writing score to 7.5 and overall score to 8.0. iPass helped a great deal on my writing! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to practice my speaking and got 6.5 again, which is close, but not the 7.0 I needed. I’m planning on taking the IELTS test again next summer, and will use your excellent iPass tutoring again before my next test. 


Anssi - Finland

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