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IELTS Listening Test Part 4

Questions 1 - 5

Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer

  1. What is the main environmental problem at the moment?
  2. In which continent have large amounts of trees been cut down?
  3. Which group of countries is responsible for using the most resources?
  4. Which group of people is increasing the depletion of resources in China?
  5. What is the term used to describe the divide between the rich and the poor?

Questions 6 - 10

Choose your answers from the box and write the letters A-F next to questions 6-10.

Which country uses the highest proportion of each method of pollution prevention?

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. England
  5. Norway
  6. Thailand
  7. United States
  1. Energy conservation
  2. Recycling
  3. Waste management
  4. Education
  5. Punishments

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I like the the way the iPass ielts course was presented, the examples and given explanation and most of all I like the interactive part of speaking with my co-course mate. I have made friends and was able to practise and improved my speaking part. I passed the IELTS test with overall band score of 7.0 with speaking score of 7.5. I want to say thank you to iPass especially to jenny and nigel for making this website possible. I got my results and very happy to know that i passed the test with overall band score of 7.0 with speaking score of 7.5. I will recommend this online course to everyone who wish to pass the first time.

- Richelle, The Philippines


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