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Maria from Spain

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Answers the questions but has problems producing long turns which creates repetition, self-correction. This affects the cohesion and development of turns. A number of basic linking devices are evident ('but', 'for example') but overused. Is able to discuss familar and unfamiliar topics with some useful and precise lexis. Good examples include 'opportunity' 'cultural activities' and 'economical influence'.
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
A variety of tenses are employed ('I've been working') and several interesting structures ('in order to..', 'in favour of') but errors are numerous ('I'm thinking to go', 'it depends of'', 'websites you can hear', 'more easy'). Fast speech and incorrect pronunciations leads to difficulty in understanding words ('cultural' 'work'). Stress and intonation is used well at times but is inconsistent due to breaks and the accent causes continual difficulty for comprehension.

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December student of the month

Katharina from Germany had the very tough task of achieving 7.5 in each test to do her medical elective in Scotland.

But after taking the iPass Writing & Speaking Plus course, she did it!!

Her speaking score went from 7 to 8.5 and her writing increased from 6.5 to 7.5 - an amazing result - well done Katharina!!


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WinWin - Myanmar

​​I would like to thank iPass team for helping me to get an overall score of 6.5 which is what I needed to apply for a BA in English with Psychology. With this score, I am very confident that I’ll be selected.

I remember the time when I was thinking about whether I should join the IELTS Express course or not. Luckily, I made the right decision. Actually, I should have joined even earlier.

Practising speaking with you was very beneficial to me .... and I did enjoy it lots!! I’ll definitely recommend iPass to my friends. Thank you again for your great support!


WinWin - Myanmar

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