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Helia’s Video: Part One

Fluency and coherence Lexical resource
Pausing ('errm') is common in most turns but the ability to answer questions is evident and linkers (so, and, but, because) are employed to some good effect. However, short turns are still dominant. A good range of vocabulary ('handicraft, import/export') is employed to answer some questions but there are also a number of basic countable/uncountable errors ('watch movie, labors, physical works, do the works) and word form ('I work in a hairdressing, I like interior designer').
Grammatical range and accuracy Pronunciation
Basic tenses and structures are consistently used. Although, a few more complex ones are noticeable (I've been doing, I'd like to do, he's almost..but.. still, he's used to) with varied success. Clear and understandable throughout with limited pronunciation problems. However, the ability to sustain sentence level stress and intonation is lacking due to thinking pauses.

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December student of the month

Katharina from Germany had the very tough task of achieving 7.5 in each test to do her medical elective in Scotland.

But after taking the iPass Writing & Speaking Plus course, she did it!!

Her speaking score went from 7 to 8.5 and her writing increased from 6.5 to 7.5 - an amazing result - well done Katharina!!


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Francesca - Italy

​I’m writing to thank you for all your help on the IELTS 7 course, which permitted me to achieve unexpected results in the last IELTS test. I got overall 7.5: L 7.5 ; R 9 ; W 6.5 ; S 7.5 

I knew that the writing tasks were not the best that I have ever written, so I am not surprised by that grade and I know I will have to do it again for this reason. However, 7.5 in speaking is a level that I did not expect to achieve at all, so we did a really good job!!


Francesca - Italy

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