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2.7.1 International Transport - Sample

Nowadays, international transport has become accessible and affordable. Travelling internationally has become a sort of  trend. Some travel for educational purposses, or bussiness and others do it just for pleasure. Whatever the reason, there are people who objects with to it as they consider it as to be patronizing consumerism, especially when it comes to learning about the world since others think that mass media can do a lot as it's counterpart more effectively instead. [This essay will focus for and against travelling internationally].

First of all, I believe that the best form of learning is "doing the actual thing". The same is true with learning about the world. While It is true that with the advent of technology, nowadays, by merely browsing the internet can provide you with information from about history, geography, culture and tradition of those people living in a certain country. In addition, there is no doubt that mass media is cost-effective and quicker to use.

[new para]However, I would like to reiterate that nothing can compensate (the form of) learning about a country better than the actual interaction with its people. Feeling the real environment and seeing it yourself will provide you with an indepth understanding of the totallity of the place and will substantiate whatever is fed by the media, which is limited. Thus, having been equipped with a profound and absolute information, you can be an effective form of mass media yourself. So, while it is a far more expensive form of learning, I would still urge  the proper authorities to consider this more on this. On the other hand,  I would  also suggest that they should send only a selected few and they should be the right people, ensuring that the purpose of the travel has a genuine goal and that those who were asked to do it should be dedicated and effective to disseminate what has been learnt to further educate the people. [this sentence could be more concise]

In conclusion, travelling is inevitable and very essential as a  part of learning, but can also be compromised if there are other more important aspects to be given priority and if it will bring enormous benefit to the country, [not very clear] otherwise indeed! it is advocating consumerism.


Task Achievement

Very good – you have presented both sides of the argument clearly and effectively.

Coherence & Cohesion

Good – your answer is generally well-linked but lacking in paragraphs.

Lexical Resource

Very good – wide range of less common lexis.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Good – some inaccuracies cause a little confusion but good attempt to use more complex forms.


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