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2.5.1 Free Time - Sample

For the last (few) decades many people have got been getting a better income than they had before. Moreover, in the same period, a lot of people have also had a reduction in how much time they spend at work. Some reasearchs showthat people are less happy now than before, but on the other hand there are also a lot who say they enjoy their lives.

The individualisation that has been going developing over the last 30-40 years has made people more aware of their free time. In spite of an increase in available free time, some families use less time together and this can have a bad impact on the family life. However, I think that a lot of people also use this time to do exciting things together. In my work as a teacher I often see adults asking permission for their kids to leave school for a week or two, because they want their family to be together on a holiday.
Some of the leisure activities people are striving for to do can be a real cost for a family. In spite of increasing wages some families can get the feeling of being poor, because of the ongoing strive for something new. Expensive and long journeys can, for instance, be an example of this. matter.
It`s not easy to predict what will happen in the future, but there is one issue I will point at. Regarding the climate, the global warming can could have a positive effect. For instancethe human race could be forced to cut back onthe consumption. We might see a trend where people will seek for the old values.

In conclusionfamilies balance their time between work and free time in different ways. Some families fill their free time with more expensive leisure activities, while others put efforts in using make the effort to use the time together. In my opinion I think the future will bring more of the latter. 

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements

Word count - 316

Minimum word count: 250          

Task Achievement

Very good – a well-developed answer with extended ideas and relevant examples.

Coherence & Cohesion

Very good – effective use of paragraphs and linking words.

Lexical Resource

Good – sufficient range of vocab with occasional errors in word formation/choice.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Good – produces frequent error-free sentences.


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Ling Xu - China (chinese version)

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