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2.4.1 Ageing Workforce - Sample

In today's working world, it's difficult to find better jobs because of many high/stiff/fierce competitions. Every company requires workers with a variety of skills. Some professionals develop their skills over a considerable period of time and had have worked for many years. However, employers are not only looking for experienced workers but also for the qualifications and the acquired skills in dealing with new technologies nowadays.

In our technologically advanced society, things are constantly changing. This has a positive advantage to effect on younger generations because they had have studied and learned these new technologies. However, it can be challenging for an older mind to assimilate new information for the advancement in the workplace. This can be a problem with senior workers who lack knowledge of using computers like for example.

On the other hand, the advantage of being able to use the rich wisdom of the experienced senior must not be underestimated. The senior worker, having spent so many years in the profession, would have experienced every possible scenario in relation to his/her job. Like for example, when a problem occurs, the young worker has no doesn’t have enough knowledge and it is the senior worker who will give them advice and guidance. In addition, senior staff members provide stability in a company. They add both stability and credibility in a company environment.

Although young workers have more knowledge with new technologies, the advantages of well skilled senior staffs are also significant. They bring tremendous knowledge and experience to the workplace. They also add stability to the company and greatly assist younger employees. Businesses and companies will continue to benefit from the senior workers well into the future.

Red = corrections

Green = suggested improvements                          

Word count: 270

Minimum word count: 250          

Task Achievement

Very strong – the ideas are well developed to produce a very clear and comprehensive answer.

Coherence & Cohesion

Very strong – effective use of paragraphs and linkers.

Lexical Resource

Very strong – wide range used with accuracy.

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Very strong –. able to form complex structures with good degree of accuracy.


This answer could be improved by including more expressions for giving opinion and by using synonyms to avoid repetition > iPass Modules - Human Population and Privacy Laws

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