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IELTS Reading Text 2

The Central Library announcement

The Bristol city centre library is pleased to announce that it has won government funding for a major update. Presently located in 342 Clifton place, the library has been a focal point of the city for over 100 years. The money will be spent on major repairs to the current building, the interior will be redesigned to increase the amount of seating, toilets and computers and self-service check-in and check-outs will be installed. The library catalogue will also be extensively improved. Opening times are set to increase to 7 days a week from 8-21 Monday to Saturday and 9-14 on Sundays.

The construction of a separate children’s library is to commence at 386 Clifton place on the site of the old swimming pool. This will provide young children and teenagers with access to a wide range of books, music and multimedia. Regular social and learning activities are also to be arranged as part of the council’s ‘reading for life’ project. Primary school story times will remain unaffected and bookable via the main desk but with greater availability because of the larger space. After school activity clubs are to be scheduled between 3 and 5 for parents and their children as well as regular weekend puppet performances. However, parents should note that the children’s library is not due to be opened until late 2012.

A mobile library service is another possible addition if there is demand from residents. Other nearby cities have such a service so this will be on the agenda at the next council meeting. Anyone interested in this proposal should notify the library in person or visit their website before May 21. The service will be run by local volunteers and be available 3 mornings a week. If you would like to offer your time to this or any related library services please call the council’s volunteer agency on 0117 903546.

The current library is set to close temporarily from July 14 and then reopen December 17 if work goes as planned. The children’s library is already in the second phase of planning. During this period residents may wish to visit the nearby Arts and Social Sciences library as many of the central library’s most popular resources will be transferred. Other less in demand items may be available at other libraries within the area which can be acquired via an inter-library loan. The council’s digital e-library is another option for residents with internet access.

Questions 8-14

Match each statement with the library it applies to.

  1. The arts and social sciences library
  2. The children’s library
  3. The city centre library
  4. The mobile library

Write the letter A-D in boxes 8-14.

  1. is to have its facilities improved
  2. will offer more flexible opening times
  3. will entertain families on Saturday and Sunday
  4. will continue services for school classes
  5. will be manned by unpaid staff
  6. is not a full time service
  7. will host a temporary book collection.

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